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Full of Toys is a Bangalore based company that sells toys that help children play while they learn and parents learn how to play. We want to create a world where the magic of childhood can be re-created by parents playing with their children using toys that spark their imagination and help them learn skills as they enjoy the most precious gift their parents can give them — time.

The Game Play: Take the animal picture card one by one and place it in the correct group on the base..
Allow the child to pick out any picture card of his/her  choice . now the child has to place th..
Place the board in front of the child. Ask the player to roll the dice and move on to the coloured b..
Game Play: Select any one of the board and hand it to child. Let the child view the board to count t..
The Game Play : Ask the child to select any one of the boards and observe, emphasise on the col..
  Let the child pick out a particular fairy tale from the picture card. Now tell him/her to ..
Let the child roll the Dice ONTO the board. Now check on which season has dice fallen. Also See whii..
  Grab this activity book on India, full of pictures, puzzles and games to teach children ab..
A card matching game for all age groups and families! Learn the flags of major countires by being..
A fun-filled D-I- Y greeting card kit to help your little one learn the traditional art of Indian Bl..
Country Trump Card. Packaged in a cute tin storage box. The classic trump card game adapted to diffe..
Bingo game tournament about states, UT’s and neighbours of India. Learn about India in a fun multipl..
New! Learn about India and its diversity through this colourful, non-tear map (size 1.5 x 2.1 feet)..
Children get into the habit of writing and have fun by recording all their travel stories in this Tr..
We know all kids have hidden scientists in them! Includes – handmade glycerin soap, natural lemon es..
Learn how to spell 92 different words through this fun game. Inspired from the spelling bee competit..
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