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A construction toy for ages 5+, it is among the best fine motor skills toys and concentration games. more


The FoxMind Equilibrio Game Architecture and Building Puzzle is a toy for developing fine motor skills. Essentially a building construction game, Equilibrio is a challenging dexterity toy that sees kids play the role of an architect as they stack building blocks into a free-standing structure. Suitable for boys and girls of ages 5 and above, Equilibrio is a great toy for building dexterity, concentration, and for building fine motor skills.

Equilibrio Game comes with 18 pieces (called Geoblocks) to be used in building the structures. A booklet containing 60 challenges along with their solutions is provided. The puzzles become gradually more difficult as one progresses through the booklet, ensuring that this children's toy never loses its appeal! To play, pick a challenge and carefully stack the Geoblocks until your structure matches the challenge. Don't be disheartened if your building blocks come crashing down! Persistence, concentration, and dexterity will have your child mastering this construction toy.

Equilibrio Game has received worldwide recognition in the form of the Canadian Toy Testing Council's Best Bet Award (2005), the Best Game - Toy Innovation in Germany (2006), and the Game of the Year by Creative Child Magazine in the USA (2011).

The Equilibrio Game makes for a great toy gift and is an excellent option for parents looking for concentration games or toys to help with fine motor skills.

Additional Information
Number of Players 1+
Designed In USA
Learning Value Concentration, Dexterity,Motor Skills
Play Type Buiding and Construction
EAN 8717344310093

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