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A simple game with few twists and turns which will challenge your memory to the fullest. It exercises the mind and improves observation skills more

Game Play 1: Single Player

One set of 24 discs is placed with the child while other is kept by the parent. Randomly select 6 Discs (level 1) from the set and place them in the containers with numbered lids ( 1 to 6 ) that have been provided. the child needs to observe and memorize the discs and containers in which they are being placed. this is an important phase in the game and therefore needs to followed precisely . Now roll the dice.

For eg. The number rolled on the diceis 2, then the child has to remove the discs (from his/her set ) which is identical to the disc in container no .2. Repeat the dice roll till all the 6 containers are identified and matched. For all incorrect answers the containers are placed on the side and are shown to the child again at the end of the round for a re-attempt . the difficulty level  can be increased by increasing the number of discs in each container.

The game can be played in group of 2 -4 players by taking turns , the children throw the dice.


Contents :

  • 24*2= discs
  • 6 numbered containers
  • 1 dice
About Product Box
Dimension L*W*H= 24.5 *4.5* 20 Cms
Weight 400 Grams
Additional Information
Age 3-6 years
Number of Players single Player or 2-4 players
Designed In India
Learning Value Develops skills: memorize and match, visual Perception, Concentration.It also helps in the development of the motor skills, memorization skills and social development. this game is based on musical instruments, geometric shapes, expressions and transport vehicles
EAN 8906070730002

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