Brand: Clever Cubes
Product Code: CC44WEA

Get to know the attributes of seasons through this one of its kind board game. The child will get an up-close look at the different seasons or types of weather based on the dice roll and board. more


Let the child roll the Dice ONTO the board. Now check on which season has dice fallen. Also See whiich symbol does it represent. if the dice falls on the monsoon season and the symbol is the eye, then remove all the picture cards of “ what you see” in the  monsoon season such as , a paper boat in the puddle. 


  • 1 Season Board
  • 1 printed dice
  • 36 picture cards
  • 1 solution sheet
About Product Box
Weight 250 Grams
Dimensions L * W* H= 13 *4* 22 CMS
Designed In India
Additional Information
Age 3- 6 years
Learning Value Develops skills: Language Enrichment, Visual Perception, Categorize

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