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A nice little fun lacing art game to get the little weavers busy. Involving elements of colour match and picture formation. more

The Game Play : Ask the child to select any one of the boards and observe, emphasise on the coloured lines. Sequentially they have to identify the relevant lace that matches the corresponding coloured line. Start to weave the lace as per the coloured clues, completing the picture and thereby creating a vivid image.

As You Open The Box, You Will Find…

  • 6 Lacing Boards
  • 4 colourful Laces
About Product Box
Dimension L* W* H= 21*4.5* 21 CMS
Weight 500 Grams
Additional Information
Age 2.5 - 4 years
Designed In India
Learning Value A stitching game by lacing correct colours, thereby creating a brilliant picture. It helps to learn the lacing stitch by matching the correct colour with correct lace. Develops Skill: Colour Match, Motor Skills, Concentration, Patience
EAN 8906070730019

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