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A colourful building construction game for ages 3+; Looking for a creative toy for children’s This is it! more

Alex Brands Citiblocs 200 Pcs Cool Colours Building Blocks Construction Toy is a perfect toy for creative minds! A colourful and innovative take on conventional building blocks for kids, Citiblocs is also a fine motor skills toy for toddlers. Citiblocs is great for boys and girls of ages 3 and above.

With a total of 200 pine wood blocks in 5 colours (blue, turquoise, light and dark green, and natural), Citiblocs is a toy that encourages imagination and discovery in young minds. The lightness and design of the blocks allow for a staggering number of potential designs, from towers and castles to ships and animals, all of which are detailed in the attached building guide. Citiblocs does not use glue, magnets, or connectors of any kind, making this a great concentration toy and a toy that develops fine motor skills. To play, simply stack the blocks according to the designs in the building guide, or let your child's imagination run wild! You might be surprised at what they can come up with.

A recipient of more than 17 awards from the toy industry, Citiblocs is sure to bring your child hours of stimulation and enjoyment. If you're looking for an imaginative play toy for preschoolers that also stimulates the development of fine motor skills and concentration abilities, Citibloc is just the thing!

Additional Information
Number of Players 1+
Designed In USA
Learning Value Motor skills,Concentration, Creativity, Imagination
Play Type Building and Construction
EAN 899215002196

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