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BrainBox World History - The Green Board Game Company - Fun History Facts Kids Memory Improvement Game takes your child back in time, all the way from cavemen to the moon landings, as they learn and compete to have the sharpest memory! BrainBox World History is an excellent memory exercise toy that requires young minds to quickly absorb information and recall it, the learning being the rest of the fun! If your child has a flair for facts, trivia, and history in particular, BrainBox World History is the perfect visual thinking toy to feed their passion! Great for boys and girls of ages 8 and up, this concentration toy can be played individually or in groups of 2 - 4.

To play BrainBox World History, pick out one of the 70 game cards at random, and study the facts on it before the sand in the 10 second timer runs out. Then, turn the card over the roll the specially designed game die to select one of the questions printed on the back of the card. If the player answers the question correctly, the card is theirs! But if they slip up, the card must go back in the pile. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins! Set up a game of BrainBox World History and your child could surprise you with their knowledge of the world!

Age: 8 years

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Designed In UK
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Number of Players 1 or more Player
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,General Knowledge,Memory,Concentration,Visual Thinking

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