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BrainBox First Letters - The Green Board Game Company - Alphabets Learning Toy for Toddlers is a novel new toy that teaches your child the alphabet. With 24 cards with all kinds colourful objects and pictures on one side, and the question ?What letter?? on the other, this intuitive sensory toy for toddlers improves both object recognition and alphabet skills. Good for boys and girls of ages 3, this educational toy for toddlers is best played under the supervision of an adult. It may be played individually or with friends, at home or at playschool. Grab a set of BrainBox First Letters today to give your child the boost they need to become an early reader!

To play BrainBox First Letters, pick out one of the 24 game cards and give it to your child to look at. Make sure they pay close attention to the objects on the card! Then, turn it over so that the objects can't be seen and have your child name the alphabet that begins the name of each object. This is an excellent memory exercise that will also see your child having tons of fun as they try to remember the appropriate alphabet! If they get it right, reward your child by letting them keep the card, but ask them to out the card back if they get an alphabet wrong! As your child's memory and focus become stronger, they'll accumulate more and more game cards! A fun and friendly way to build your child's early reading skills along with their ability to focus and memorise, BrainBox First Letters is a must-have!

Age: 3 years

About Product Box
Designed In UK
EAN 5025822900722
Additional Information
Number of Players 1 or more Player
Learning Value General Knowledge,Image and word Recognition,Visual Thinking,Auditory Sensory Development

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