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BrainBox ABC - The Green Board Game Company - Alphabet Learning Memory Game is perfect for young children learning to read for the first time. With 53 game cards that explain everything from each letter of the alphabet to the common alphabet blends, this kids memory improvement game will help your child learn their letters while having fun instead of repeating them over and over like in school! Also an excellent visual thinking toy, BrainBox ABC helps promote image recognition and alphabet association, giving your child a head start into the world of reading! Great for both boys and girls, BrainBox ABC can be played in groups of 2 to 4, or by a single child in the company of an adult or elder sibling. Perfect for kids aged 4 and above, BrainBox ABC is the perfect introduction to the world of letters.

To play BrainBox ABC, grab a random card out of the 53 supplied game cards and place it in front of a player. When they're ready, turn over the card along with the supplied sand timer: the player then has 10 seconds to memorise as much of the card's information as possible. When the time's done, turn the card over and roll the supplied game die to choose one of the question printed on the back. If the player answers the question correctly, they get to keep the card! Get it wrong, and the card is gone! The player with most cards at the end of the game wins, helping your child to hone their memory and recollection skills. BrainBox ABC is certainly a keeper!

Age: 4 years

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Designed In UK
EAN 5025822900203
Additional Information
Number of Players 1 or more player
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,General Knowledge,Memory,Concentration,Visual Thinking

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