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One small step for childhood, one giant leap for learning with this cognitive development toy for ages 8+ more


Swingy Thing - Fat Brain - Fidgety Fun Swinging Toy brings motion to your hands, eyes, and brain, as you move it any way you like to beat the challenges! A superb cognitive development toy of exceptional design quality, Swingy Thing is one of the most quirky and fun problem solving toys from the house of Fat Brain. Suitable for a single player, Swingy Thing is great for boys and girls of ages 6 and up. Pick it up for playing at home, carry it with you to play with in the car, or simply fidget with it when you're restless! Swingy Thing has something for everybody!

With 6 vibrantly coloured swingers and 52 challenges, Swingy Thing is the perfect mix of fun and challenge! Get two swingers to move one way while the others go opposite. Or try to get all but one to swing around the centre! The challenges may soon seem impossible, but what's a puzzle without a real test of ingenuity and a ton of fun? An excellent means of teaching young children how to focus, improve their hand-eye coordination, and even great for adults looking to kick some stress, Swingy Things makes for a great addition to every home! Grab Fat Brain's Swingy Thing today and get swinging

Age: 6 years

About Product Box
Designed In USA
EAN 811802020826
Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Play Type Strategy Game
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills, Concentration

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