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Get your kids minds spinning as they search for matching pairs in this memory improvement game for ages more


S'Match - Thinkfun - Spinning Pair Matching Game is a super-fun memory game for kids of ages 5 to 7. An excellent group game toy, Thinkfun S'Match is good for both boys and girls and is best played in a group of up to 6 players. The objective? Give the S'Match Spinner a whirl and match the cards according to whatever turns up: colour, number, or category. An excellent memory improvement game for young readers, Thinkfun S'Match will have your kids all in a whirl of fun and excitement.

Thinkfun S'Match comes with 30 game cards with various themes (colours, numbers, or picture categories) and a S'Match Spinner. To play S'Match, lay out the 30 game cards face down on a table and spin the S'Match Spinner to reveal what the match needs to be based on. Then, turn over cards two at a time. If the cards match according to what the Spinner says, call out “S'Match!” and keep the Cards. If they do not, turn them back upside down and remember what was on them for future matches. The game ends when all the cards are over, and the child with the most cards wins!

Great as a group game toy that also serves as a memory improvement game, Thinkfun S'Match will have your kids spinning away as they compete and have fun to have the best memory

Additional Information
Number of Players Multi player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Memory,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills
Play Type Group Game
EAN 19275079123

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