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Does your child hate veggies? They won’t any longer as they learn all about them with this general knowledge skill toy for ages 3 – 8! more

Quantum Cards Vegetable Set 2 - Brainsmith - General Knowledge Skill Toy will quickly transform your child's dislike of green leafy veggies into fascination and enjoyment! With this image and word recognition toy, kids learn the names of several kinds of common vegetables, as well as bunch of cool facts about each of them! An excellent educational toy for 3 year olds and above, Quantum Cards Vegetable Set 1 is sure to leave your child's mind buzzing with all kinds of facts about the inhabitants of their dinner plate! Building on the success and knowledge base of Quantum Cards Vegetable Set 1, this set brings you all new veggies and all new facts that'll leave you hungry for more!

Quantum Cards Vegetable Set 2 contains beautiful, hand painted images of 10 kinds of vegetables including sweet potato, red cabbage, zucchini, and more! Fun facts about each of these are fun to share with your child as they soak up information, and maybe you'll end up learning a thing or two as well. Sit across your child and read the cards out to them, or give them valuable, informative practice if they're just learning how to do it! Grab sets 1 and 2 together to complete the learning experience today!

Age: 3-8 years

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Designed In India
Additional Information
Number of Players One or More Player
Learning Value General Knowledge,Image and word Recognition,Visual Thinking,Auditory Sensory Development

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