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Explore the wonders of the solar system with Quantum Cards, a suberb sensory toy for ages 3 – 8! more

Quantum Cards Solar System - Brainsmith - General Knowledge Skill Toy takes you and your child on a journey through the marvels of space as you learn all about the planets and satellites we call our neighbours! An innovative and home-grown (yes, these are designed and manufactured right here in India!) product, Quantum Cards are among the best educational toys for 3 year olds and above, suitable for both boys and girls. Great to be played with a parent, elder sibling, or an older friend, Quantum Cards Solar System are a general knowledge skills toy that will introduce your child to the marvels of space!

Did you know that a Solar System is defined around a star, and includes not just its planets but also its moons, meteoroids, asteroids, and debris? The Solar System Quantum Cards set includes 10 encyclopaedic cards comprising the 8 planets, the sun, and Pluto. Each card has a hand-painted illustration on the front to lend to the visual and sensory experience, and is filled with awesome facts on the back! For example, did you know that Jupiter has 50 confirmed moons and 14 that are provisional? Whoa! Share the facts with your kid, read them out, and have them read back to you. You'll have a budding astronomy expert in no time! Grab a set of Quantum Cards Solar System today for your child and who knows? The world might have its next great astronomer!

Age: 3-8 years

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Designed In India
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Number of Players One or More Player
Learning Value General Knowledge,Image and word Recognition,Visual Thinking,Auditory Sensory Development

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