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Learn all about land vehicles with these fun and enlightening knowledge cards for ages 3 - 8! more

Quantum Cards Land Vehicles - Brainsmith - General Knowledge Builder Toy takes your kids on a ride of learning and fun with all the various kinds of land vehicles! Designed with inputs from leading educational and paediatric experts, these visual thinking toys are a super-fun way of boosting your child's brainpower! Great for boys and girls of ages 3 - 8, Quantum Cards are best used by a parent or elder sibling with a young child, though your kids could have a go themselves when they're comfortable enough. These innovative image and word recognition toys are certain to give your child an edge and boost their general knowledge skills.

Quantum Cards Land Vehicles are large format cards with a variety of knowledge. Play with them by sitting with your child in front of you and enthusiastically reading out the card titles or facts to them one by one. Have your child read them back, ensuring correct image recognition and reading diction! The agility of their young minds will have them lapping up the information in no time! An excellent way of promoting parent-child bonding, the development of auditory and visual senses, and instilling a sense of curiosity and wonder, Quantum Cards are a must for parents looking to give their children an edge in intellectual and general knowledge development.

Age: 3 to 8 years

About Product Box
Designed In India
Additional Information
Number of Players One or more Players
Play Type General Knowledge
Learning Value General Knowledge,Image and word Recognition,Visual Thinking,Auditory Sensory Development

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