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Bamboozle your opponent to build an island paradise! An excellent reasoning skills toy for ages 8+ to be played in groups of two. more


Paradisio - Foxmind - Island and Ocean Strategy Puzzle Game is a modern take on the classic Italian image puzzle Sedici where players must race each other to build a beautiful island from the 16 game pieces. This highly acclaimed analytical thinking toy combines strategy, fun, and competition into a board game experience straight out of paradise! Great for boys and girls of ages 8 and up, Paradisio is meant for two players at a time, although it can be modified to suit a single player at a time.

Paradisio from Foxmind is supplied with 16 wooden tiles, each containing part of an image of an island or water (or both), 5 island tokens, a bag for easy transport, and a rules booklet. To play, randomly lay out 8 tiles face up before each player. The player who starts places one tile in the centre. The opponent must then place one of their tiles adjacent to the first so that the image formed is continuous, much like a jigsaw puzzle with straight edges. The first player who is unable to place a tile (due to lack of continuity) loses the round and their opponent receives one of the island tokens. Choose which tokens to lay down with care, as these will decide who loses out first! The first player to win three island tokens wins the game! Adaptable for a single player as well, Paradisio is a versatile and ever-entertaining problem solving toy that will certainly appeal to kids in its colourful new avatar!

Additional Information
Number of Players Two Player
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Cognitive Development,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills
Play Type Puzzles,Group game
EAN 8717344310703

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