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Kid O - A to Z Upper Case Magnatab - Fun First Writing Toy is perfect for little kids just learning the ropes of writing! With large and bright alphabet shapes and arrows to guide motion, kids will learn how to write in no time, and improve their neatness and form too! This fine motor skills toy for 3 year olds and above is great for both boys and girls and can be played individually or with the help of an adult. Making letter shapes is an excellent finger dexterity activity, and the super-cool magnetic stylus and beads only add to the fun!

The A to Z Upper Case Magnatab is designed to help kids learn how to write the alphabet in upper case. The brightly coloured alphabet outlines contain magnetic beads. To play with the Upper Case Magnatab, take the provided magnetic stylus and trace it along the alphabet's outline and watch as the beads pop up with a pleasing ?pop!? sound! Kids will love the magnetic madness! The beads can easily be pushed back in with a finger, or with the back of the stylus. Arrows and numbers next to each letter help kids use the right strokes to write, helping build their handwriting ability and fine motor skills! Give your kid a head start in writing and pick up an A to Z Upper Case Magnatab today!

Age: 3 years

Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Motor Skills, Writing,Dexterity

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