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Does your child hate veggies? They won't any longer as they learn all about them with this general knowledge skill toy for ages 3! more


Free Play Magnatab - Kid O - Magnetic Bead Dexterity Toy brings the magic of the hugely successful A to Z Magnatab series to a brand new creativity toy! This dexterity toy will boost kids abilities to use their fingers and give their creativity a jumpstart, all while they have loads of magnetically driven fun! An excellent toy to help fine motor skills development, the Free Play Magnatab is suited to boys and girls of ages 3 and up, and is ideal for use by a single player.

To play with the Free Play Magnatab, simply detach the magnetic stylus from its slot on the Magnatab board and use it to pull the beads inside the board up to the surface! Kids can draw any pattern they like, from houses to cars, and animals or mountains, or just go wild and see where their imaginations take them! The best part? The Magnatab can be erased at any time with the back of the stylus or any non-magnetic object, allowing your child to experiment over and over! If you're looking for a durable, creative, and innovative means for your child to express their imagination, the Free Style Magnatab is a great option filled with magnetic fun!

Age: 3 years

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Designed In USA
EAN 843583001732
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Number of Players Single Player
Learning Value Motor Skills, Writing,Dexterity

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