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Watch your child's imagination bloom as they build with this innovative fine motor skills toy for ages 3+ more

Dado Cubes - Fat Brain - Linked Building Block Construction Toy lets your child's mind grow and their imaginations branch out with a creative children's toy unlike any other. Great for boys and girls of ages 3 and above, Dado Cubes from Fat Brain is as much fun to play solo as it is with friends! An excellent toy that develops fine motor skills, Dado Cubes will help your child master the abilities of grasping and working with their fingers in no time!

Dado Cubes from Fat Brain comes with 10 colourful cubes, in sizes ranging from 1 inch to 5 inches in side length. This dexterity toy has absolutely no rules, leaving kids free to work with the blocks as they please! Unlike classical building blocks for kids, Dado Cubes are completely hollow and have no bases or tops. The sides have slits into which other blocks can be fixed to create incredible 3D structures! Just leave your kids at it and marvel at what they create! Playing with Dado Cubes not only serves as an outlet for your child's creativity, but serves as a means for them to learn about balance, design, and spatial awareness.

Manufactured fully in the USA out of durable, heavy gauge plastic, Dado Cubes is a high quality, fun, and colourful building & construction game that will have your child's imagination running wild!


Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Designed In USA
Learning Value Creativity,Dexterity,Motor Skills
Play Type Creativity,Buiding and Construction
EAN 182129000076

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