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Logic and strategy take you to victory in this creative science toy! A puzzle game for kids of ages 8 and up, merging adventure with programming basics. more


Thinkfun Code Master Programming Adventure Strategy Toy transports you far away to collect the magical power crystals. Collect the power crystals and reach the portal to be transported to the next level. But beware, the path to the crystals and portal is devilishly tricky. As much a strategy toy as it is a puzzle game, Thinkfun Code Master is excellent for children of ages 8 and up and is good for both boys and girls. Bring the world of logical and sequential thinking to your child with this creative science toy in the midst of a faraway adventure.Thinkfun Code master comes supplied with an Avatar game piece, a portal piece, 6 power crystal pieces, 10 maps with 60 levels, 12 guide scrolls, 12 action tokens, 8 conditional tokens, and a full set of instructions and solutions. To play, select a level on a map, and set up the map according to the guide scroll. Once the map is ready, you are ready to play by placing the coloured action tokens in appropriate places on the guide scroll. Knowing how to place the action tokens is tricky, and brings the real logic and fun into this adventure game. Be sure to think hard! If you get it right, your avatar will soon have all the Power Crystals and be on their way to the portal! Thinkfun Code master was designed by Mark Engelberg, a former NASA engineer and computer scientist, and has received honours such as The Toys Bulletin Best of the Year Award for 2015, and the Teacher’s Pick Award from Scholastic Magazine. Never has programming met fun and adventure so convincingly!


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Designed In USA
EAN 19275019501
Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Play Type Puzzle, Strategy Game
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Higher Order Thinking Skills,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills,Cognitive Development, Creativity

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