Clever Cubes - Fable Fun-Endearing story telling step by step
Let the child pick out a particular fables from the picture card. Now tell him/her to place the card..
Clever Cubes - Secret Garden
A guessing game that stimulates natural curiosity by asking questions and listening for clues. Th..
Clever cubes -Get Set Go- Race to The Finish Line...
The Game Play: The primary Motive of the game is to categorically make the child dfferentiate. ..
Clever cubes -Memoristic- Challenge your Memory
Game Play 1: Single Player One set of 24 discs is placed with the child while other is kept by th..
Clever cubes- Feather Fix- 3 piece puzzle
Spin the reference wheel, take a long look at the bird where the spinner has stopped. Now the child ..
Clever Cubes- Habitat- Get on to the animal safari!
The Game Play: Take the animal picture card one by one and place it in the correct group on the base..
Clever cubes- Jumbled Jungles- Sort the rhymes in order
Allow the child to pick out any picture card of his/her  choice . now the child has to place th..
Clever Cubes- Moving Minds- Accomplish Your Tasks!
Place the board in front of the child. Ask the player to roll the dice and move on to the coloured b..
Clever Cubes- Spot The Dots- Gets You Counting
Game Play: Select any one of the board and hand it to child. Let the child view the board to count t..
Clever Cubes- Stringy Trail- Weaving Colourful Images
The Game Play : Ask the child to select any one of the boards and observe, emphasise on the col..
Clever Cubes- Tell Tables- Tell me a story
  Let the child pick out a particular fairy tale from the picture card. Now tell him/her to ..
Clever cubes- Weather Watch-
Let the child roll the Dice ONTO the board. Now check on which season has dice fallen. Also See whii..
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