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Holy cheese! Spot the slice that covers the nasties in the sandwich before your opponents! A super-fun group game for ages 6+ more

Cheese Louise - Fat Brain - Speedy Cheesy Puzzle Game needs agility, concentration, and above all a willingness to go crazy to win! This quick thinking game from the house of Fat Brain, a leading American toy manufacturer, will have your kids chasing the chese slices as they attempt to cover the sandwich toppings and win! An excellent group game toy for parties, family time, or even on your own, Cheese Louise is sure to have your kids yearning for more! As far as visual thinking toys go, they don't get much more fun that Cheese Louise!

Cheese Louise comes with 24 double-sided bread puzzle pieces, 22 Swiss cheese puzzle pieces with holes, and a plain bread puzzle piece to cover up puzzle pieces not in use. To play Cheese Louise, lay out a bread puzzle piece and take a look at the toppings on it! You could have peanut butter, jelly, pickles, ketchup, mustard, olives or even (ugh!) flies! Then, pick out a cheese slice and arrange it so that none of the toppings peek out through the holes! If you manage to find a slice that fits, you win your piece of bread, and the first player to win 5 pieces of bread wins the game! Cheese Louise encourages the development of visual and spatial thinking skills, improves reaction times, and strengthens social skills in young kids! Fast paced enough for adults to enjoy as well, you might be surprised at how addictive Cheese Louise can get. A recipient of the 2013 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, the 2013 Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award, the 2013 Major Fun Award for Kids Games, and the 2013 Major Fun Award for Family Games, Cheese Louise is certain to be a hit with you and your kids!

Age: 6 years

About Product Box
Designed In USA
EAN 811802020505
Additional Information
Number of Players Multi Player
Play Type Group Game
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Concentration,Quick Thinking,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills,Visual Thinking

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