Chalk and Chuckles - Moody Snakes- A Maze and A Puzzle
Assemble the puzzle and roll the die. Spot the happy, sad or angry snake & the colour of the pot..
Chalk and Chuckles -A Day in The Jungle- social-Emotional- Bingo Game
Players look at their board to see if they have a picture that matches the combination rolled on the..
Chalk and chuckles -Jack In the Box-Colour Match Me
Game 1: Each player takes a box. The youngest player rolls the coloured dice. S/he matches t..
Chalk and Chuckles -Monkey Expression-show what you feel and why
How To Play : Level 1: Copy Encourage the child to use the puzzle pieces to copy and name the ex..
Chalk and Chuckles -Spell cat king-perfect words and sounds
Choose a spelling picture word card. Place the letter tiles in the correct sequence. Study the word ..
Chalk and Chuckles Clever counting-Matching Puzzle
Learn to count from 1-10 with the farmer as he moves around the farm in his tractor, in a unique num..
chalk and chuckles- Beware of Shark-Rapid Reflex Game
See how fast you are.  Roll the die to know which numbered fish the Shark must try to catch. Al..
Chalk and chuckles- Dig Up-Mental Tracking Game
Spin the spinner and let the frenzy begin! Mentally trace the underground path from the animal to th..
Chalk and Chuckles- Get Puzzled-  A Brainteaser
Assemble the puzzle to reveal an isometric drawing and roll the shape die to tell you which shape yo..
Chalk and Chuckles- Hungry Four-Memory and Movement Game
Join the animals in a memory & movement game. Roll the die to tell you which animal to feed &..
Chalk and chuckles- lettuce Play- matching and memory bingo
Players race to be the Star chef by collecting all the ingredients for their dishes and being the fi..
Chalk and Chuckles- Long Legs- funny math game
Grab your monster ruler and roll the number die. Add the number to your monster legs and move the sl..
Chalk and Chuckles- Pajama Party- Colourful and Logical
Players have fun matching colours and compete to be the first to find the right cow whose cap, slipp..
Chalk and Chuckles- Season Wise-from Sun to Snow
Do you know in which season flowers bloom? When do birds lay eggs? And when do you play with snow? H..
chalk and chuckles- sort In the Box- fun sorting game
Place the box in front of you and place the category cards in the slit on the box. You could choose ..
Chalk and Chuckles- Supe Math spy- Speedy Game of Math
 The Spies wear their decoder glasses in a rush to solve their mission cards first. Pick up the..
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