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Fill your child's mind with fun history trivia from the Stone Age to the Space Age with BrainBox World History, a memory exercise toy for ages 8+! more

BrainBox My First Maths - The Green Board Game Company - Fun Maths General Knowledge Skill Toy is the perfect way to introduce numbers and math to your little one. When math is increasingly becoming a skill that's a must, BrainBox My First Maths is the ideal way to get started! This kids memory improvement game also serves to introduce basic concepts such as numbers, shapes, and measurement in a way that is fun and friendly. BrainBox My First Maths is also a great concentration toy, helping kids hone their abilities to focus and concentrate. Designed for ages 5 and up, BrainBox My First Math is great for both boys and girls, and as a group game toy is best played with 2 - 4 kids together. This memory game can also be played by one child in the company of an adult or elder sibling.

To play BrainBox My First Maths, select a card at random from the game card deck. You have 55 choices! Turn over the sand timer and you get 10 seconds to study the card as closely as you can! Can you remember all the shapes? Or can you tell what the numbers are from 1 to 9? Be quick, because after 10 seconds are done, the game die will give you a question to answer! Get it right and the card is yours to keep, but get it wrong and you'll have to put it back in the pile! Win as many cards as you can to win!

Age: 5 years

About Product Box
Designed In UK
EAN 5.02582E+12
Additional Information
Number of Players 1 or more Player
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,General Knowledge,Memory,Concentration,Visual Thinking

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