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Befuzzled - The Green Board Games Company - Sound and Action Group Game Toy is great for parties, travel, pinics, or fun around the home! You could end up barking like a dog or neighing like a horse, or clapping your hands or stamping your feet all because of a card. But don't be embarrassed! Do it before anyone else and you could be the winner of this quick thinking game! Good for boys and girls of ages 8 and above, Befuzzled is a group game toy that promises hours of fun with family and friends!

Befuzzled comes with 24 action cards, 8 shape cards, 40 flip cards, and a rules booklet. To play Befuzzled, place 8 action cards in the centre of the players so that they are all easily visible. Place a shape card above each of these cards. Then, start flipping over the Flip Cards and watch the fun set in! The first person to perform the required action according to the flip card wins the card, and the person with the most cards at the end wins! Befuzzled is so much fun that by the time you're done with a game, you'll want to start another! Packaged in a handy and smart looking tin box, transport Befuzzled anywhere you go for fun that'll never leave you!

Age: 8 years

About Product Box
Designed In UK
EAN 5025822400345
Additional Information
Number of Players Two Player
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Quick thinking

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