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A puzzle game with variety! Kids 8 years and older are challenged by this analytical thinking and cognitive development toy. more


Thinkfun A-Ha! Brainteaser Kit Multi-Challenge Kids Puzzle Game brings you 8 challenging puzzle games for kids in a single package. Build each of the 8 Brainteaser Centers with your kids at home or in the classroom and watch their minds flourish as they tackle this highly commended cognitive development toy. Great for boys and girls of ages 8 and above, the Thinkfun A-Ha! Brainteaser kit is perfect for two or more players and comes with a full set of instructions and hints. If you're looking for an analytical thinking toy or reasoning skills toy for your children or your classroom, the Thinkfun A-Ha! Brainteaser Kit is just the thing for hours of stimulation and intellectual development.

The Thinkfun A-Ha! Brainteaser Kit comes with 8 brainteaser puzzles: Pack it In, Double Square, Straight Arrow, Four-T's, Starburst, The Missing “T”, The Fifth Chair, and the 4-Piece Pyramid. Each brainteaser has a set of four cards associated with it, including an object card and three hint cards. To play, pick out a brainteaser, read its object card, and get solving! If you find yourself stuck, take a peek at one of the hint cards and get a push in the right direction! The brainteasers in the kit are a great way to introduce kids to solving multi-level problems in a friendly environment, priming them to approach real-life problems with confidence and ease. The multi-level puzzles blend variety with logic and problem solving to provide a well-rounded cognitive development experience for your children.

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Designed In USA
EAN 19275014506
Additional Information
Number of Players Single Player
Play Type Puzzles
Learning Value Analytical Thinking,Cognitive Development,Higher Order Thinking Skills,Problem Solving,Reasoning Skills

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